Dr. Adelaide Francois founded Sistascope direct primary care several years ago and has been able to bring it to fruition in 2021. As an attending, Dr. Francois frequently watched how outpatient medical facilities crammed a bunch of patients on the doctor’s schedule, leaving LESS THAN 15 minutes of dedicated physician time to the patient. Patients felt rushed. Physicians often had to turn down multiple complaints in order to properly address the most important issue. This meant even educational time with the patient was compromised. It was during this time she decided that she needed to offer a better system of care. She knew in order for this to work, she would have to detach herself from the limits of insurance companies and large medical employers.

It is Dr. Francois’s hope that with this different model, her patients can sense a better level of care and trust from their PCP. She challenges her patients to be accountable for understanding basic concepts of their disease processes, medication compliance and self-care.